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Penergetic-b Regenerates Soil Life

Healthy, naturally fertile soil is teeming with life, from earthworms to insects, to nematodes, protozoa, bacteria & fungi. A handful of this soil may contain billions of organisms and kilometres of microbial networks, and in one way or other these are all linked. Within the soil as well there are multiple natural cycles in action such as the nitrogen cycle, and also carbon, sulphur, oxygen, phosphorous and water cycles. Soil is therefore precious to all life on Earth. A 1 cm layer can take 100’s to 1,000’s of years to be created – and can be washed away in an instant by erosion and flooding.

Prolonged heavy applications of synthetic chemicals and pesticides can also damage topsoil microbiological activity. Penergetic works in harmony with Nature taking into account all the interactions between the biology and the natural cycles and works to rebalance the out-of-balance conditions, restore and rejuvenate. Healthy soils promote healthy plants leading to healthy animals and humans.

Combining Penergetic-b with Penergetic-p

When used together according to the A&D instructions, the effect of both Penergetic-b & Penergetic-p is optimised

Penergetic-b Data Sheets, Dosage & Application, FAQs, Material Master Safety Sheets

Penergetic-b: Soil Improvement


Benefits of Penergetic-b

Stimulates soil biology

Increases nutrient availability

Improves soil quality

Activates the microbiology

Improves the mineralising process

Stimulates and increases microbial interaction and balance in the soil

Specialised Penergetic-g products


Slurry produced by dairy cattle sometimes contains a large amount of straw. For this purpose, Penergetic-g/k was developed. Its use has proven that the rotting of straw can be sped up and the formation of floating layers reduced. Please also refer to Penergetic-g FAQ for more details and application notes.

Penergetic-g for pig slurry

Only used for pig slurry. Please see the Penergetic-g application notes on the resources page, Penergetic-g FAQ for more details.

Are there any other specialised products?

Penergetic offer further specific Penergetic-g products, please ask our representative for details or contact us via our contact page.

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