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Penergetic-p is a plant tonic

The programmed information boosts the plants, has a stabilising effect on plant growth and strengthens the immune system of the plants. Additional information has a stimulating effect on microbiology in the root area and increases the plant's natural nutrient uptake.

Natural plant nutrients and fertilisation

There is a high diversity of plant species and varieties on earth that we want to preserve. One of these preservation efforts is the careful use of natural resources during food production. Penergetic-p strengthens plants and minimises damaging side effects for soil and water, mainly due to reduced need for pesticides and chemical fertilisers.

When plants’ productive capacity and natural defences are stimulated, crops remain healthy, are better able to resist disease, insects and drought and the cost of farm inputs can be reduced – thereby supporting sustainable agro-ecological production systems.

What can Penergetic-p be combined with?

With any substance that is related to plant application (fertiliser, fungicides, minerals, powdered rock etc.). Penergetic-p can be mixed with other spraying agents (chemical or biological). In this way the effectiveness of these agents can be improved. It is necessary to monitor exactly to what extent these agents can be reduced. This should be carried out in several steps and the instructions from the manufacturers of the individual products must be adhered to.

Combining Penergetic-b and Penergetic-p optimises the effects. Penergetic-b promotes essential nutrients from the clay-humus complexes in the soil being dissolved that are otherwise not available to the plants, e.g. phosphorus. Penergetic-p promotes root growth and the plants' metabolism so that the increased availability of nutrients can be converted into increased productivity.

After applying Penergetic-b it is necessary to wait for at least 10 days before Penergetic-p is applied.


Benefits of Penergetic-p

Increases crop yield

Reduces fertiliser

Increases root growth

Produces better plant quality

Optimises photosynthesis

Releases soil bound plant nutrients

Increases protection against nematodes and parasites

Easy application at a low cost

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