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PENERGETIC-g turns farm effluent into a valuable fertiliser

With Penergetic g, liquid manure/slurry (animal effluent) becomes a valuable liquid fertiliser. The product stimulates the mircoorganisms and microbiology present in the liquid manure/slurry and promotes the anerobic decomposition of organic material. It becomes more homogenous and flowable, the agitation time is shortened and odours are reduced to natural levels.

Penergetic g can also be used in the barn. The improved stable climate is an important factor in the well-being of animals.

How does Penergetic-g work?

The purpose of Penergetic-g is to transform the problematic substance slurry into a high-quality and cost-effective fertiliser. As Penergetic-g starts taking effect, the costs for stirring will be reduced and spreading the slurry will become easier.

Penergetic-t Data Sheets, Dosage & Application, FAQs, Material Master Safety Sheets

Penergetic-g: Slurry and manure


Applications and Benefits of Penergetic-g


Penergetic-g is easy to apply:

  • in the barn effluent channels / scraper alleys
  • into underground pits, including through slatted flooring
  • directly into a storage tank or lagoon
  • works well with flush barn set-up or when sand bedding is used


  • Produces homogenous slurry
  • Improves slurry flowability
  • Activates beneficial microorganisms in the liquid manure
  • Reduces odour
  • Breaks down sedimentation and floating layers
  • Contains no chemical ingredients
  • No capital investment required, and energy consumption is reduced
  • Environmentally friendly and ecologically balanced 

Specialised Penergetic-g products


Slurry produced by dairy cattle sometimes contains a large amount of straw. For this purpose, Penergetic-g/k was developed. Its use has proven that the rotting of straw can be sped up and the formation of floating layers reduced. Please also refer to Penergetic-g FAQ for more details and application notes.

Penergetic-g for pig slurry

Only used for pig slurry. Please see the Penergetic-g application notes on the resources page, Penergetic-g FAQ for more details.

Are there any other specialised products?

Penergetic offer further specific Penergetic-g products, please ask our representative for details or contact us via our contact page.

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