• Protects crop and fields from damage by wildlife
  • Suitable for control of wild boar and deer
  • Overcomes need and cost of fencing (including electrified)
  • Alternative protection method for stored grain and/or forage
  • Helps limit (potential) spread of wildlife-borne disease
  • Shown to be effective even after precipitation
  • Odorless and non-toxic to humans and animals


Penergetic b WV is a unique, new product developed by Penergetic International, of Switzerland, initially intended to address the chronic problem (in Europe) of damage to farmland and crops caused by wild boar.  Based on farm use in Europe, penergetic b WV has demonstrated that it offers an environmentally–friendly and effective means of controlling detrimental wildlife (e.g. wild boar, deer) from entering onto and causing damage to farmland and crops.


Penergetic b WV acts as a deterrent – like a “virtual fence or barrier” – discouraging unwanted wildlife from entering a field where the product has been applied.

Penergetic b WV can effectively prevent game/wildlife from causing major damage to farmland, even in fields near forests or exposed areas, e.g. wetlands, ravines and mud holes. It represents a promising new approach to wildlife management and an attractive alternative means of reducing the economic disruption wild boar (and other problem wildlife) can cause to agriculture.


Penergetic b WV offers a novel, new approach. It is field applied as a spray application – onto soil, no-till residue or crop.

It can also be mixed with and applied at the same time as other spray agents or liquid manure. For instance, it can be combined with penergetic-b (soil) for more nutrients in the soil and penergetic-p (plant) for better plant growth.


Application for field sizes <100 ha

Wild boar: 600g/ha on the entire area
Deer: 1kg/ha perimeter application (minimum width: 18m) and 600g/ha on the entire area

Application for field sizes >100 ha

Wild boar: 1kg/ha perimeter application (minimum width: 18m)
Deer: 1kg/ha perimeter application (minimum width: 18m) and 600g/ha on the entire area

Note: consult your Penergetic distributor for any site specific variations to these recommended application rates.

** In areas of high wildlife pressure a second application is recommended – applied at a crop height of 20” to 28”. Penergetic b WV has been shown to remain effective even after exposure to field precipitation.

Application rate adjacent to grain/silage storage areas: dependent on various factors (e.g. weather, duration of storage and level of wildlife pressure) - please contact us for a tailored plan.

Penergetic B WV
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