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What is Penergetic?

Penergetic products provide a complete solution for plants, animals, humans and agriculture based on natural bio technology, improving and supporting weakened environmental processes with lasting stability. Not only do Penergetic products deal with the symptoms, they go right to the root cause of the problem. Sustainability can only be achieved by healing our environment in its entirety.


Penergetic products include:

Natural additives and supplements in the animal feed sector.

Natural additives that effectively boost the quality, health and yield of plants.

Optimum liquid manure and slurry treatment products.

Informed products which activate healthy soil life and composting.

Water treatment systems which embrace a vitalisation of drinking water, water regeneration of swimming pools, ponds, and large bodies of water for agriculture, residential, commercial and industrial use.

Penergetic Technology:          electrical impulses and magnetic waves make life possible

There are original substances found in Nature which make up the essential trace elements and compounds that contribute fundamental "effects" onto biological systems. The basis of Penergetic information transfer relies on quantifying the total "information" parameters of selected original substances. 

Penergetic has selected a number of substances based on many years of laboratory experiments and field trials in order to make use of these known active parameters in agriculture. Information from selected substances can be transferred onto carrier materials such as calcium carbonate, without loss of information, using physical principles of electromagnetic induction.

Penergetic products emit the selected frequencies to the area of application and generate the desired effect.

The programming is not limited to single frequencies or characteristics. Several frequencies can be combined simultaneously onto one Penergetic product.

This has enabled Penergetic to create a range of agricultural products capable of transferring desired effects onto target areas, such as better growth or resistance. This biostimulation strengthens the whole organism and leads to the optimal use of the available resources and to an increase in quantity and quality of the products.

Following biological cycles

Penergetic products support and activate where biological systems are imbalanced. Rather than treating the symptoms of the problem, these products address the source of the problem. A long-term stabilisation of the problem can only occur once a cleansing of the whole environmental surroundings has taken place (e.g. agriculture, industry, household). Penergetic products allow these cycles to be closed efficiently and sustainably. The products that we work with are very versatile and can be used wherever natural resources need to be preserved, cared for or strengthened.

Agricultural system solutions

Penergetic agricultural products are used to support natural cycles of the farm. Using minimal application rates, naturally available resources such as soil and plant microbiology can be stimulated thereby lessening the dependance on artificial products such as chemicals, fertilisers and pesticides. This allows an harmonious transition to a more natural way of farming and the quality of farm products is improved.

Holistic agriculture – creating a better future

Sustainable agriculture, biological farming and holistic agriculture are interchangeable terms often used to describe an approach to farming that considers the interrelationship between soil, plants and animals in a closed-loop system of nourishment. Sustainable agriculture seeks to support economic viability, environmental stewardship and social responsibility. 

Penergetic products embody these same principles of sustainability. By taking a holistic approach to agriculture, farm manure is optimised, soil fertility is strengthened, animal health is naturally supported and plants are fortified.

A cycle in harmony with nature!

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How does Penergetic differ from other products?

Penergetic products work with nature, not against, to reduce dependance on chemical inputs and coincidentially enhance and strengthen the biological systems.


Penergetic product benefits

Increased yield  •  Conservation of soil and groundwater  •  Gentle on resources  •  Producing high quality pastures and animal products.  • Healthier plants that are more restance to pests and diseases




Better quality plants

Plant tonic for effective plant cultivation.


Happier & healthier animals

Successful animal farming.


Water remediation

Improves the condition & quality of on-farm water sources.

AquaKat S:

AquaKat portable device for single taps, showers and mobile usage.

AquaKat L:

One or two-family homes. For cold and hot water systems and swimming pools.

AquaKat 1":

AquaKat fixed device for small homes, apartments and commercial applications.

AquaKat 2":

AquaKat fixed device for one to multifamily homes and commercial applications.

AquaKat 8+:

AquaKat modular device for agriculture, commercial and industrial applications.


Optimised composting

Stabilises the decomposing process and binds nutrients.


Optimum slurry activator

Turns liquid manure into a valuable fertiliser.


Soil Improvement

Active and fertile soil.